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Smart Materials of 21st Century

Smart or intelligent materials are engineered to respond to their environment…These materials are embedded with their own sensors, actuators and control systems that are responsive to presence of light, temperature, pressure or other environmental conditions, and can cause the material surface to change its shape, texture, color or temperature. When engineered at atomic or molecular scale, these materials can be made sensitive enough Continue reading

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Nano Chips that Self Assemble

Self assembling nanostructures enable the fabrication of faster and more energy efficient integrated circuits…Since the advent of microchips, photolithographic techniques have been used to fabricate
microchips. It involves etching the circuits on a silicon wafer, by removing unwanted portions of silicon layers from the wafer.

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Nanoparticle based cancer detection system

Knowledge from multiple domains of technology can be applied to create innovative solutions for affordable health care. In my previous week’s post, I wrote about the role that nanoparticles will play in early detection of cancer, by capturing tumor cells from blood stream. The challenge is to characterize fluorescent properties of a blood Continue reading

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Nanoparticles at your service

Nanoparticles help overcome previously insurmountable challenges to the fight against cancer.
Nanoparticles, particles in the range of 1 to 100 nm in size, are now finding applications in diagnostic imaging and targeted drug delivery. These are expected to Continue reading

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