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Artificial Immune Systems

Artificial Immune Systems promise effective antidote for computer viruses, worms and malwares… The havoc caused by viruses, worms and malwares on the modern interconnected world cannot be underestimated. As the complexity and scale of our interconnected networks of computers and … Continue reading

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Does 21st Century belong to Geeks?

The word Geek has several meanings, but here we use this word for technology enthusiasts, who are adept in computers, who are creative individuals and who take pride to call themselves Geeks. Look around you and you will find increasing number of them, particularly in the younger age groups. Did you notice that the young generation of today is so adept at handling the smartphones and other high tech gizmos as if it is their second nature? Continue reading

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Using Avatars for Better Productivity

Do you wish to multitask with Avatars?….Well, Avatars are graphical and animated digital representations that have found creative and interesting uses in role playing online games. Their use is also proliferating in online social networks. Talking Avatars like me can serve as virtual online presenters too.
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Fingerprints Encrypt Your Private Key

Fingerprints help encrypt private keys for secure communication and authentication…The PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) uses a pair of keys, that consists of a public key and a private key, to implement secure communication and authentication. The public-private key pair finds use in TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), for client authentication and secure communication over the web. Remember the “https//…” and the pad lock sign that appears in your web browser whenever you perform a secure banking transaction.

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Algorithms that Evolve Solutions

Genetic programming techniques evolve better solutions for specific problems… The conventional method of developing a computer program to solve a problem is based on certain set of rules and knowledge base that the programmer uses to achieve the end result. Each programmer may use a different approach to solve the same problem. So, there can be multiple solutions for a problem, although quality Continue reading

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Open Source is the way to go

Open Source platforms help reduce cost of product development…It was not a long time ago, that development of a new embedded product was beyond the ordinary means of an independent innovator. Welcome to the world of Open Source software, free development platforms are available Continue reading

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Cloud is the Computer

Let me be on Cloud Nine…The early 1990’s slogan ‘Network is the Computer’, was ahead of its time. With plenty of network bandwidth and computing resources available today, and with proliferation of smart network-friendly devices Continue reading

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