Using Avatars for Better Productivity

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Do you wish to multitask with Avatars?….Well, Avatars are graphical and animated digital representations that have found creative and interesting uses in role playing online games. Their use is also proliferating in online social networks. Talking Avatars like me can serve as virtual online presenters too.

The capabilities of Avatars can be extended by linking them with Automation applications, Expert systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs.

A learning Avatar could capture your real life interaction with the Web and other electronic media, such as broadband services. It could analyse your online interactions and figure out the pattern that is used to perform daily tasks. This knowledge acquired by the Avatar could be used to assist in the execution of your daily tasks in a more efficient manner.

You could be having a skype conference at 9 am every Monday morning, followed by engineering design review meeting at noon. At the same time, another online project meeting is waiting and you wish you had a assistant who could attend that meeting on your behalf, because you will really be a passive participant in this particular meeting.


Assuming that most of your interactions are online, you could create an Avatar that not only serves as your personal digital assistant and advises you on upcoming tasks, but also represents you in online meetings, in your absence.

To begin with, for a given work day, you will authorize and delegate specific tasks to your Avatar, that you think are routine tasks and do not involve critical decisions requiring your presence. These could include, greeting an online visitor and engaging him in a conversation with animated gestures, just like your personal secretary. With some training, your intelligent virtual Avatar could also be trained to provide answers to specific questions.

So, Avatars can effectively enhance your productivity, by performing tasks delegated by you and thus allowing you to multitask. The busy professional of tomorrow will possibly consider using Avatars as a productivity enhancement tool.
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