Does 21st Century belong to Geeks?

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The word Geek has several meanings, but here we use this word for technology enthusiasts, who are adept in computers, who are creative individuals and who take pride to call themselves Geeks. Look around you and you will find increasing number of them, particularly in the younger age groups. Did you notice that the young generation of today is so adept at handling the smartphones and other high tech gizmos as if it is their second nature?

If we stretch our field of perception a little wider, to have a look at the numerous technology startups of recent times, these highly successful companies are often founded and run by Geeks, as per our definition. And this phenomenon is not limited to North America alone. The global integration, thanks to Internet, is spreading ideas all over the world and we are beginning to find similar stories in Asia too.

For a moment, consider the contribution of Geeks to the world. There is free flow of ideas and information that cannot be blocked by an oppressive regime in any country. Online social networks are challenging traditional forms of mass communication, such as television, cable networks and newspapers. They are proving to be more effective when a revolution is brewing somewhere. Remember the unprecedented use of Twitter during political turmoil in the Middle East.

Geeks deserve the credit for much of the technological innovation currently in progress, from smartphone applications to social media. These are revolutionising the landscape of all human activity. There is a trend towards democratisation, be it political, or technological innovation. These changes seem irreversible and tend to place more control in the hands of ordinary human beings.

Quoting Arthur C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. So, the Geeks are essentially creating magic.

We only wish that these tremendous changes evolve into a better future for all of us, so that the Geeks can rightfully claim 21st as their century. Perhaps all of us will have certain Geekiness in us, as we get more comfortable with technology.

What do you think?

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