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The book ‘Radio Engineering and Antennas’ is intended as a ready reference, study guide and a one-stop source for wireless communications professionals, practicing telecommunication engineers, technology professionals, engineering graduates and students. The guiding principle in writing this book is, to provide a simplified understanding of various concepts in the field of wireless communications, with a special emphasis on their practical application to the wireless communication standards that are practiced currently around the world, such as WiFi, WiMax, GSM, CDMA, and LTE. The general flow of various topics is to begin with a review of the basics, and then move on to current application of wireless technologies through practical examples and illustrations.

This book serves as an excellent companion to learning webinars offered on this web site. These webinars are conducted via live and interactive online sessions by experienced instructors and are based on the contents of this book. The book and the webinars can be used in conjunction to study for the ‘Radio Engineering and Antennas’ section of the IEEE WCET (Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies) certification exam, which is required to earn the IEEE WCP (Wireless Communications Professional) credential.

A list of acronyms, bibliography and web sites, is included at the end of the book as a quick reference for additional information.

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