Product Training

Develop, maintain and conduct product-training programs for your internal and external customers

• Results oriented training through innovation
• Online instructor-led interactive webinars
• Online interactive lab sessions
• Online discussion forum for continued learning
• eBooks and print editions of training materials
• In-person instructor-led training
• In-person lab sessions

Our Product Training Methodology:

• Assess training needs and objectives for your internal/external customers
• Develop a high quality and cost effective training plan using a mix of online/in-person instruction formats
• Assign a technical subject matter expert to execute the training plan, develop courseware and conduct training sessions
• Evaluate performance of training delivery and work on your feedback to maximize expectations
• Collaborate with your technical support team to develop additional training materials for current products
• Work with your R & D to develop new product training materials for marketing, sales, project managers, business development, systems engineering, technical support and external customers

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