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Democratized New Product Development

Democratization of new product development promises to fulfill the real needs of end users… When was the last time you found a product at a store that exactly fulfilled your needs? We always make compromises when selecting a product, because … Continue reading

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Artificial Immune Systems

Artificial Immune Systems promise effective antidote for computer viruses, worms and malwares… The havoc caused by viruses, worms and malwares on the modern interconnected world cannot be underestimated. As the complexity and scale of our interconnected networks of computers and … Continue reading

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Automatic Accent Identification

Accent Identification in speech recognition has the potential to provide value added phone services…English is the de-facto international language of choice to conduct all official business. For most people around the world, it happens to be the second language and … Continue reading

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Self Organizing Agile Teams

Agile teams self organize to implement product backlogs…Imagine a small group of highly creative individuals, who are tasked to develop the complete design for a product, that typically includes the modules for web interface, database design, algorithmic design, and a FPGA interface that implements the data processor. Continue reading

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Smart Materials of 21st Century

Smart or intelligent materials are engineered to respond to their environment…These materials are embedded with their own sensors, actuators and control systems that are responsive to presence of light, temperature, pressure or other environmental conditions, and can cause the material surface to change its shape, texture, color or temperature. When engineered at atomic or molecular scale, these materials can be made sensitive enough Continue reading

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Visual Thinking and Product Design

Visual thinking helps create better and successful products…This age of technology, organisation, planning, scheduling and analysis lays more emphasis on the left side of our brains, that has evolved to process ideas and information sequentially. We are expected to perform our tasks step by step, and make logical deductions from the available information. Continue reading

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Nano Chips that Self Assemble

Self assembling nanostructures enable the fabrication of faster and more energy efficient integrated circuits…Since the advent of microchips, photolithographic techniques have been used to fabricate
microchips. It involves etching the circuits on a silicon wafer, by removing unwanted portions of silicon layers from the wafer.

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